Intergenic Primer Search Page

Use the search form below to find intergenic primers for use in our PCR-mediated gene disruption protocol. Visit our protocols page for more information on this procedure. Also, visit our homepage for more information on research in the Rothstein lab at Columbia University.

Type the name of the gene or ORF you wish to disrupt in the box below. A short description of the gene or ORF will be displayed. Then click on the gene name to generate a list of intergenic primers and a map of the chromosomal region containing the gene.

Do not use "wildcard" symbols. To find multiple genes with similar names enter only the first few letters of the gene name. i.e. "rad" will find RAD5, RAD51, RAD52. Similarly "ybr" will list all the genes on the right arm of chromosome 2. Your search can be expanded to search gene description fields as well by using the buttons below.

Gene or ORF name :

Choose an option below to search comment fields also.

Begins with: i.e. RAD finds RAD52 and RADiation but not degRADation
General search: i.e. RAD finds RAD52 and degRADation